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Multigain® for cattle

JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine offers Multigain® well balanced pelleted compound feeds and the protein, mineral and vitamines concentrates for calves, dairy cows and fattened cattle.

Multigain® influence on cattle (cows, calves, fattened cattle):

  • Improves the breeding qualities of cows
  • Provides the cows, when pregnant, with nutrients necessary for the normal embryo growth and development
  • Increases the amount and the quality of milk
  • Helps with the best replacements calves, providing the daily live weight gains of 600-700g, or of 1000-1600g during the intense feeding
  • Prevents illnesses and improves immunity
  • Leads to the decrease of feed usage, labor, energy and other expenses during the milk and beef production

Prices for cattle feed you can find by clicking on the following link: