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Crop Production

___Subsidiary Atlantic Farms was established in Ukraine in 2000 by the company David D Sweere and Sons International, Ltd. Its goal is the profitable agricultural production and processing, in order to intensify the production processes and to increase the volume of products, implementing the modern technologies. At the end of 2001, Atlantic Farms leased around 3000 ha of arable land in villages of Makedony, Oleksandrivka and Viktorivka, Myronivka district. These lands are used for soybeans, wheat, corn, peas, barley, beets, triticale, rape, alfalfa, lupine etc production.

___LLC Atlantic Farms II was founded in 2004, in the village of Demky, Drabiv district, Cherkasy region. This is an agricultural production company, which is crops production and fattening cattle business. LLC Atlantic Farms II is processing 5000 ha of land. The modern western and native agricultural technologies are used in order to get the best crops from the fertile lands of Cherkasy region.

___The products grown on the farmsteads are used by the agricultural Integrated Center of JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine to produce Multigain® animal compound feeds and concentrates.