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Jul 19, 2018
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Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment Supply is the new business JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine successfully started this business in 2008. The first contract was signed with a large Ukrainian production company for the lot of 22 John Deere grain drills.

The company offers modern new and used Western equipment that "fits" Ukraine. One of the reasons the company decided to develop this business is considering the fact that Ukraine consists of approximately 30 million hectares of arable land there is no modern or effective equipment produced. The agricultural equipment supplying company and the transportation company Atlantic Equipment and Transportation will fill in this gap.

This department intends not only to sell equipment, but also plans the after sale services and the spare parts delivery for the purchased machines and equipment. It is planned to open a modern diagnostic, repair and service center for agricultural machines on the territory of JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine.

For extra information and to order the agricultural equipment, please, call:

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