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Animal Feeds Production

___JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine producing high quality animal feeds and the protein, mineral and vitamines concentrates for all types of animals, poultry and fish, which is marketed under our own brand - Multigain®.

___Multigain® compound feeds are a 100% ecologically, pure organic product. It does not contain hormones or artificial growth stimulants. By using the Multigain® compound animal feeds, the consumers are providing their animals with the ALL necessary nutrients, vitamines and minerals, which in its turn further efficient conversion to milk, meat and eggs.

___To produce Multigain® feeds and the concentrates we are using modern Dutch and American equipment, which allows mixing a big amount of components evenly. This equipment allows inputting up to 30 g
of micro components per ton of the ready product.

___The feed plant capacity is 90'000 M tons of pelleted feeds per year. Five packing machines allow packing the feeds and the concentrates into 2, 5, 10 and 25 kg bags. The new modern warehouse and the warehouse equipment permit to load the goods on cars and trucks fast and in a quality manner.