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Prime Beef Production

___In order to fulfill its goal - to create the vertically integrated agricultural company- in 2004, LLC Atlantic Farms II was founded in the village of Demky, Drabiv district, Cherkasy region. This agricultural production company is in crops and prime beef production. It processes around 5000 ha of arable land, 20 % of which is used for forage production, such as HMC, corn Silage and Prime alfalfa Haylage. The animal diet is based on the corn silage and grain of high quality.

___Today LLC Atlantic Farms II herd of Prime Beef Cattle is over 4000 heads. We are choosing only best bull calves of beef/dual purpose types for fattening. The business uses the unleashed technology of cattle keeping, which means that the animals can access the feed easily at any time and have the possibility to choose where they want to be in the barn or in the corral outside, up to their mood or weather conditions. Well balanced and high quality Multigain® feeds are used to feed the cattle at LLC Atlantic Farms II.

___Along with the main feeds (HMC, silage, haylage etc), it is useful to give to the cattle Multigain® feeds or the suitable concentrates in combination with the grain feeds. The western feeding technologies and own feed recipes are the reason for the daily weight gains of 1000-1500g and more; because of this the cattle are capable to reach the weight of 500-600kg by the age of 18-19 months and have Prime Beef quality.

___LLC Atlantic Farms II is selling the Fattened Cattle (17-18 months old) with the live weight of 550 kg and more. Due to the specially calculated feeding diet, which includes Multigain® concentrates, the beef is defined by high qualities, in particular by the high marbling score.
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