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Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine
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Vision & Mission

  • To introduce modern, short maturing genetics to Ukraine to bring about the meaningful replication of the US Midwest, corn - soybean, economic miracle.

  • The goal -- to bring protein self-sufficiency to Ukraine within 20 years of the first introduction of modern short maturing soybeans.

  • The first phase was to include construction of a world class processing center to provide a competitive market for soybeans, corn and other feed grains in central Ukraine and to process these raw materials into world class, high quality branded concentrates and compound feeds following all the world quality standards.

  • To develop a national distribution line for small bagged feeds for further efficient conversion to milk, meat and eggs by cottage producers.

  • The first phase has occurred.  It is now time to move forward with phase II.

KYIV-ATLANTIC GROUP Presentation (pdf file, 9 Mb EN)