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Multigain® for swine

JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine offers Multigain® well balanced pelleted compound feeds and the protein, mineral and vitamins concentrates for piglets, the young pigs and replacements, sows and pigs on feed.

Multigain® influence on swine (sows, piglets, pigs on feed):

  • Improves the breeding qualities of sows
  • Provides the sows, when with young, with the nutrients necessary for the normal embryo growth and development
  • Increases the amount and the quality of milk in sows
  • Allows to wean the piglets at the early age (21-28 days) and to use the sows intensively (2.5 periods with young per year)
  • Daily weight gains of 700-900 g and the reaching of 110-120 kg of live weight by pigs on feed at the age of 6 months
  • Prevents illnesses and improves immunity
  • Leads to the decrease of feed usage, labor, energy and other expenses

Prices, quality certificates of Multigain® for swine and the recommendations for swine feeding you can find here