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Vegetable Oil & Protein Products

___The oil expeller plant of JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine is processing its own grown soybeans into soybean cake and unrefined soybean oil. The highly technological equipment of the plant allows to process up to 100 M tons of soybeans per day with the minimum expenditures.

___The largest part of the produced oil and cake are used for the production of the Multigain® well balanced pelleted compound feeds. After all, soybean cake and oil increase the energy value of the feed, assist with animal and poultry muscle build-up, and they are the well amino acid balanced source of carbohydrates and valuable proteins. Soybean oil does not contain cholesterol and is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, the derived soybean extrudate has the increased protein digestion (compared to the toasted sunflower meal); it has the high level of oil with antioxidant qualities (due to the presence of vitamin E and lecithin), which increases the shelf life of the product. The soybean protein derived by the extrusion is more digestible for monogastric animals (pigs, poultry) than the protein processed by heat after extraction.

___Soybean oil and cake of JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine is following the highest quality standards and do not contain the genetically modified organisms. The soybean cake of JSC Kyiv-Atlantic Ukraine is corresponding to GOST 27149-95; the protein content is 45-47%.

___Soybean oil of our production corresponds to TU U 22929481-001-98.

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